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Wholesale and Retail Handicrafts Thai since 20 Years

We have been providing our handicraft items for wholesale and retail since more than 20 years. All our products are hand crafted from natural materials. More about Thailand Handicrafts...

In this spirit to provide natural decorative items, an ecological dream became reality with our new mango wood decorative handicraft collection. Mango trees grow fast and are replanted permanently for the fruit business making the usage of mango wood for handicrafts an ecological choice. More about Mango Wood Gifts...

Mango Wood Gifts
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Mango Wood Gifts...

We have gracefully curved mango wood handcraft items bringing Thai elegance to any home decor.

Our Mango Wood gifts are hand crafted piece by piece. Use our mango wood collectibles for dried flowers or just by itself as a decorative piece. We offer the option of having glass containers in mango vases so they can hold water.

Hand carved from a solid piece of Mango wood in Thailand, these attractive wood vases and other handicraft items will go perfectly with your oriental home decor.

After carving the wood by hand, the piece is fired in a kiln to achieve an attractive finish for these unique gifts and collectibles from Thailand.

Thailand Handicrafts: Mango Wood

All over our website we have included informational bits and pieces about Thailand, its people, language and art and about materials that we use. Please read as adequate or simply start browsing our mango wood gifts.

The mango (Mangifera spp.; plural mangos or mangoes) is a genus of about 35 species of tropical fruiting trees in the flowering plant family Anacardiaceae, native to India and Indo-China, of which the Indian Mango M. indica is by far the most important commercially.

Reference to mangos as the "food of the gods" can be found in the Hindu Vedas, written in about 4000 B.C. The name of the fruit comes from the Tamil word man-kay, which was corrupted to manga by the Portuguese when they explored western India. The mango also features as a common motif, known as the paisley, in Indian textiles.

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Thailand Art

Thai visual art was traditionally primarily Buddhist. Thai Buddha images from different periods have a number of distinctive styles. Contemporary Thai art often combines traditional Thai elements with modern techniques.

Literature in Thailand is heavily influenced by Indian culture. The most notable works of Thai literature are a version of the Ramayana called the Ramakien, written in part by Kings Rama I and Rama II, and the poetry of Sunthorn Phu.

There is no tradition of spoken drama in Thailand, the role instead being filled by Thai dance. This is divided into three categories- khon, lakhon and likay- khon being the most elaborate and likay the most populist. Nang drama, a form of shadow play, is found in the south.

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